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Shoveling Snow and Ryan the Man-Boy January 9, 2014

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 10:35 am

Ryan’s delayed growth means he is a little more like a 14 year old than a 16 year old.   So, when he volunteered to shovel the driveway the other day, I thought, he’s growing up!


My hopes were dashed when he then spent a good hour or more in the backyard, shoveling snow into piles and castles.  He spent a great deal of time creating this big pile of snow, which he placed conveniently beneath the second story deck.  I guess you know what happened next.

Yes.  He climbed over the icy railing and jumped into his snow pile.

I told him I would prefer not to spend the rest of my life caring for a quadriplegic.  Robb was on Ryan’s side.  Boys are so dumb.


January-8-13 D

Monster was thrilled to have someone to play in the snow with!


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