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It Comes Out of an Elephant January 12, 2014

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 12:11 am

Tusks.  Obviously.

What were you thinking of?

We played Catch Phrase with the kids tonight, and it turned out to be a good opportunity to teach some vocabulary.  We thought it was funny that Ryan knew that Billy Joel is the Piano Man (he even sang a few bars for us) but he is confused between nasal and naval, and inflamed and inflated.

Quinn learned the origin of the phrase “brown nose.”  We thought he would have picked that one up on his own.  He also gave us the clue “She’s a singer,” to which I guessed Madonna.  He said, “It rhymes with Madonna.”  Ummm, what?  Badonna?  Shadonna? Ladonna?

It was Nirvana.  He knew nothing about them.  Which makes me the oldest person on earth.

For sure, though, the best moment of the entire game was when Robb gave the clue, “It comes out of an elephant.”  SERIOUSLY?!  There is only one thing that comes out of an elephant.

And it’s not tusks.


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