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Brothers Working January 19, 2014

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:43 am

Quinn decided that what he needed was a change in his bedroom.  It was time to put himself on the top bunk.

Years ago, when Quinn was just a baby, we bought the boys a nice set of bunk beds, one which can actually turn into three separate beds, if needed.  And since the boys have their own bedrooms now, that capability has been really nice.

Who knows why Quinn wants to be on the top bunk when there is no bottom bunk; he probably just wants the extra floor space for a chair or a bookshelf, or more likely, a big pile of dirty clothes.


Pardon the terrible picture.  All my pictures of this project were blurry and poorly lit.

Quinn and Ryan both got up early, which is, at least for Ryan, a miracle by itself.  They worked together to take apart their bed frames, rearrange them as needed, re-assemble, and they even went so far as to make their beds.  Well, Ryan made his bed.  Quinn left all his blankets on the floor.

During this whole process, there was no yelling or fighting, no procrastinating, and absolutely no help from me.  All I did was take a few pictures and remind them to vacuum.

Ryan is great as these kinds of projects.  I think I need to come up with a few more for him!


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