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2nd Annual P3 January 20, 2014

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 12:40 am

P3 = Pictionary Pizza Party.

Matthew has been coming to church with us for some time now.  The rest of the family attends the Spanish branch, so when he is at church, he is one of the Stotts.  Today, he spent sacrament meeting drawing pictures on post-it notes.  The rest of the kids spent sacrament meeting hovering over him, watching him draw on post-it notes.  I spent sacrament meeting repeatedly telling the kids that they did not need to be entertained every minute, and using the stink-eye to encourage them to listen to the speakers, with little success.

I saw the note he had been doodling.  Wonder what was on it?  It was the words, Pizza Pictionary Party.

Sufficeth to say, the kids were excited about this get-together.


One of the best things about this family is how well all the kids get along… boys and girls, all ages… it’s a wonderful thing.  Tonight, after the boys won the Pictionary game by the skin of their teeth, they entertained themselves with video games, outside night games, and finally, dancing.

Yes.  Dancing.

They moved the furniture in the family room, played some music through Ryan’s phone, and did the Cupid Shuffle {or something}.  It was no Electric Slide, but it was pretty fun to watch.  All 6 of them were laughing, chatting, dancing and getting along famously.

Robb and I sometimes dream of moving.  He dreams of a home in the country on a large, LARGE piece of property with no neighbors.  I dream of a home someplace where it never snows.  The reality is, I think I would have a hard time leaving this.

Having family around is THE BEST.


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