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Food Blogger Problems January 26, 2014

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 6:55 pm

I’m kind of lucky, as far as photographing food goes.  I have a very large, north-facing window in my kitchen, right next to my dining table.  The next door neighbors light-blue siding reflects the sunlight beautifully.  All I have to do is set up my food on the table, open the blinds, and I’m ready to photograph.

UNLESS… Robb decides to build his mom a media center using a throw away computer from work, and he makes my favorite food photo spot the new semi-permanent home of the media-center-creation computer.  When that happens, I have to get creative with my food photos.

I’ve taken to putting the food near the floor, near the door in the kitchen.  I bought a case of oranges, and the box they came in is perfect for my set up.  I put the box on the floor, my background on the box, and the food on top of that.  This puts the food conveniently right at Monster’s eye level.

Monster is far too curious to leave that alone.


Today I was photographing Strawberry Oreo Pudding Cookies.  And Monster decided he needed a closer sniff.

I pushed him away, he came back.  I pushed him away again, he came back again.

Then he planted himself in front of me, curled up against my legs, and laid his head on my lap.



It was cute.  But it makes food photography really hard.

*sigh*  Just another day in paradise.


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