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Quinn’s room, part 1 February 16, 2014

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Ah, the joys of owning an older home.  The latest joy, that lovely mold smell in Quinn’s room.

Robb finally decided the day had come to tackle the problem, and when we did, it was so much worse than we expected.  When we moved Quinn’s very heavy and awkward furniture out of the corner, we found that the carpet in that corner was black with mold.  The walls and baseboards were also ruined.  Robb ran to Lowe’s for a mask and some big rubber gloves, and got to work searching for the problem.

Turns out, the leak was in the very most awkward possible spot.  Quinn’s room is directly beneath our kitchen.  The leak was beneath the kitchen sink, beneath the floor upstairs, but above the ceiling in Quinn’s room.  We were MOST grateful for my dad, who graciously offered to help Robb with the leak.  With his expertise and experience, the project went much quicker than it would have with Robb working on it alone.


This picture was taken after phase 1, which was to find the initial problem.  As you can see, we’ve cut out the moldy carpet and removed some sheet rock.  Robb ended up removing sheet rock on the lower half of the wall, on both sides of this corner.  It was pretty extensive.

We were obviously disgusted with what we had let Quinn live in for so long.

Also? To keep Quinn’s stuff free of mold spores, we moved it all into the hallway.  Everything he owns is basically on display in the hall.  He is sleeping on a bean bag in Ryan’s room, and living out of a laundry hamper.  Ryan has been pretty gracious about it, and Quinn has been extraordinarily patient.  He never complains.  I think I owe him a big fat hug or something.

I’m sure I’ll have more updates on this project soon.  Robb and I bought insulation and dry wall, and I’m sure we looked like circus clowns putting this in the back of Robb’s little pickup and carrying it into the house.  Yesterday, Robb worked on the insulation, and some of the dry wall, and it looks like we will need more of both.

Maybe I can convince him to take Ryan to Lowe’s with him next time.  Hehe.


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