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Quick Trip to Boise March 2, 2014

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 11:44 am

This week, I took a very quick overnight trip to Boise to attend a blogging conference.

Most blogging conferences are so expensive, and so far away, I really don’t even consider going.  This one was different; small, intimate, and less than a half day’s drive away.  I was very excited to go!

The planning was not without it’s obstacles.  First, Robb informed me that the dates of his upcoming business trip had changed, and he would be gone the same week as me.  I found this very irritating, but undeterred, started planning around it.  Then, the dates changed again, and it turned out he would be home after all.

Next, the clutch in Robb’s truck went out, leaving us a one-car family.  It actually would have been fine, if Robb had been out of town, but of course, he was in town, so we needed an extra car.  My Grand Cherokee is actually not in fantastic shape, and Robb was nervous to having me driving to/from Boise alone in the dark in that car.  We ended up borrowing Robb’s mom’s little Ford Ranger, a truck that mostly sits unused anyway.  Robb worked hard to get it working good; put in a new battery, got it registered, even filled the tank with gas for me. (Filling my tank is a chore he normally complains about!)

Despite the pouring rain, and a low tire, I made it to Boise just fine, found my hotel without incident, and enjoyed my blog conference thoroughly.


I always feel awkward going to these conferences alone.  I’m great at socializing with people I know a little, but I’m not so great with complete strangers.  I always pray they’ll talk to me first.  This one was nice, with it being so small (only about 20 people attended and it was held in a conference room at a credit union), and I met some great people and learned a lot.  I drove back home the same day, after the conference ended, again in the pouring rain.

I arrived home to find the family in the middle of every day activities, despite it being nearly midnight.  Judging by the reaction, I think the only one that missed me was the dog.


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