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The long awaited day when the braces come off March 16, 2014

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It finally happened.

After two rounds of braces, one broken retainer, and years of struggling with brushing and elastic band wearing, the braces are off.  Quinn described it as his bloodiest battle at the orthodontist’s office yet.  (Everything is a battle to Quinn.)  There was quite a bit of blood, actually, and we had to wash it off his face and neck before we left.

We celebrated with Quinn’s favorite hamburger… the double-double at In & Out Burger.


The orthodontist was congratulating himself right and left last week when he determined they could come off.  The assistants all said, “Yes, they look very nice,” and the doctor would respond, “You don’t even know!” and then he would show them the before pictures.  It really is pretty amazing.  I can tell you, that orthodontist will never forget Quinn.

Let’s recap what Quinn has experienced, in what he calls “the worst problem ever.”

Q-before-after-first-brace Q-teeth-july-2008

2008, age 9, Quinn has oral surgery to remove 9 teeth.  That would be 4 wisdom teeth, 3 extra teeth, and 2 babies.  I was supremely irritated that they removed one perfectly formed incisor from his face, and left one very ill-formed incisor that would prove to be the bane of Quinn’s existence, probably for the rest of his life.  This tooth is hooked, the root of it is also hooked, and the dentist says it has dens-en-dente, literally a tooth inside a tooth.  It’s quite rare.

2008, age 10, Quinn has his first experience with a retainer.  This simple retainer was designed to push forward the mis-shapen hooked tooth.  Ultimately, the tooth won this battle.  The retainer broke into pieces one day, coincidentally, as we were leaving the orthodontist’s office.  He decided to use braces to pull the tooth forward instead.  Quinn then got to have his first of two rounds of braces.

2010, age 12, the first round come off.  Hallelujah.

2012, age 14, Quinn gets his second round of braces.  This is primarily to straighten the rest of his teeth, but also to continue to work on that one weird tooth.

2014, age 15, Quinn gets the second round of braces removed.  His teeth look PERFECT.  Within one week, before they can even get his retainer made, the weird tooth starts to creep up into it’s old position.  The orthodontist is supremely irritated!  He builds the tooth up so it matches the tooth next to it.  Quinn is devastated to learn that he will have to wear retainers to bed for the rest of his mortal existence.

16March 010b

Then his parents threaten him with serious amounts of bodily harm if he does not take care of this perfect smile we have given him.

How soon can we get his picture taken?


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