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A Typical Scene January 11, 2015

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This view is becoming increasingly common at our house… Brooklyn, in front of the laptop, watching YouTube videos or tv shows on Netflix.  If it’s YouTube, rest assured she either is now or soon will be watching Studio C.  (These are comedy skits done at BYU.)  If it’s Netflix, then chances are it’s either Wizards of Waverly Place or H2O (which we affectionately call “Australian Mermaids” and which might be the worst show on television).  In fact, Brooklyn nearly had a complete melt down this week, when, after watching several episodes of Wizards in a row, then taking a break for dinner, returned to Netflix to find they had mysteriously disappeared.  I briefly considered writing a letter of gratitude to Netflix.


It’s not uncommon to see Brooklyn and a friend watching these shows / videos, and since she got a can of cocoa for Christmas, seeing her with cocoa in her hand is quite a regular scene as well.  (Not to mention empty cocoa cups wherever she last was, including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen table, downstairs couch, piano.  I would literally not be surprised to find an empty (or not even empty) mug in her underwear drawer.)  This week, the lucky friend was Sierrah.  Brooklyn and Sierrah have become pretty close, a fact we are frankly thrilled with, since Sierrah is a sweet girl and the two of them have a lot in common.  Plus, since Sierrah is big into fashion and makeup and hairstyles, chances Brooklyn will leave the house in her pajamas decrease in Sierrah’s presence.

The thing I really can’t figure out is the straws.  The girls LOVE drinking their cocoa with straws.  I guess it’s a fascination you never outgrow, no matter how difficult it makes it to drink those little marshmallows.

Another common scene has been Monster begging at the back door.  It’s only partly his fault.  Since it’s been cold, the kids don’t have much interest in letting him drag them around the neighborhood after school, so he is itching for some activity.  He also loves this weather… cool but not too cold is his favorite.  Unless there’s fresh snow, then snow is his favorite.  The upshot is that he goes in and out and in and out and in and out all day long.  And when I refuse to let him out, he sits at the door and whines and whines and whines.  *sigh*  Worse than a two-year-old, that one.


Sometimes, I put him out, and he just sits by the back door, surveying the yard, and keeping an eye out for cats or birds to bark at.  He doesn’t have any interest in catching them, mind you, just barking at them.  Days like these make me wish the dog park was much much closer.

In other news, Quinn swam not one, but two swim meets this week, and had some respectable times.  Last year, he mostly swam the 50 Free and the 100 Breast, and this year, he has started swimming the 200 IM.  Just yesterday, he told me he wanted to start swimming the 100 Fly, which is kind of a brutal event.  The season is nearly over, though, so I’m not sure whether he will get that chance or not.  Soon enough, swim season will turn into water polo season.

Another “fun” event happened when the kids all decided to go to the temple with the youth group Saturday morning.  Our youth always go at the ungodly hour of 5:15 am, no matter how much I protest.  (Being the mother of THREE of our ward’s youth gives me absolutely no pull at all.  Bummer.)  I never heard the kids leave, so around 7 I dragged myself out of bed to check on them. Brooklyn was not in her bed, and I felt a little moment of pride that she got herself out the door at that hour on her own.  It ended up being a VERY small moment, since I found her asleep on the couch, just seconds later when I walked downstairs to check on the boys.  Quinn claims to have set his alarm to 5:00, but didn’t switch it to “on.”  Ryan claims he heard his alarm, turned it off, and went back to sleep.  *sigh*

Just another day at the Stotts.


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