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Plan A January 26, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 11:03 am

I recently had a conversation with Quinn between events at a swim meet that really has me reeling.

Quinn swam 4 events at this particular meet, which is more than his usual 2 or 3.  On top of that, he swam the 500 Free, which is the longest event (it took him just less than 7 minutes to complete it) and probably the most tiring.  The poor kid was exhausted.  He told me that the reason he swam this event is that it was the only event he had never done, and there was no time on file for him.  It’s as good a reason as any, I guess.

This led to a conversation about his swimming goals for next year, and he told me he had plans to talk to the coach about this.  Which I whole-heartedly approve of.  And this led to a discussion of what he should do during the summer to prepare for his senior year swim season.  And this led to a discussion about weight lifting, which led to me wondering whether the local gym would allow him to be a member, which led to me saying the words, “You’ll be 17 in June.”


Which brings up feelings that are not altogether pleasant, if you know what I’m saying.

While I tried frantically to play the whole incident down, (let’s pretend this never happened!) Quinn replied by saying, “Think about THIS Mom!”  And he proceeded to tell me his plans for after high school.

PLAN A:  Get a swim scholarship.  I don’t really know the particulars about this, but I have a feeling these are not easy to come by.  Many colleges and universities don’t even have swim teams.

PLAN B: Start a business and use the money to pay for college.  (To which plan I found myself beaming with pride.)

PLAN C:  Join the Navy.

This last plan took me by surprise.  I had never heard him mention the Navy before.  It turns out, he had talked to a Navy recruiter at the high school that same day, so the info was fresh in his head.

He also told me he wants to serve a mission right after high school.  He thinks this will really help him prepare for the rest of his life, and I certainly cannot argue with that.

I don’t know which path he’ll end up taking, but I was so proud and relieved to know that he actually has a plan!  Good job, kid.


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