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My Dinner Conversation is Different Than Yours February 8, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 2:21 pm

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think what I would blog about today.

I considered talking about Quinn shaving his legs for swim.  I actually meant to blog about this a couple weeks ago, but I never got a good picture, so I procrastinated it.

Q: I cut my thumb while shaving my legs.
Me: That is wrong on so many levels.
Robb: How did you cut your thumb exactly?
Q: Well, the razor got all clogged with hair, so I ran my thumb across it to clean it off.
Me: You’ve never had a razor clogged with hair before, have you?

I thought about telling the story of Ryan getting stuck in the elevator at the tech school after spending his night making and serving salsa for the open house.  Or the story of him leaving his stuff on the bus one day while he ran back into the tech school to use the bathroom, and then finding that the bus left without him.  That was a fun day for us all.

Then I considered sharing my favorite kid quote of the week.  On our way home from watching “Mockingjay” with the kids, Brooklyn commented, “I should start recording everything I do.  You never know when you’re going to make a music video.”  (I guess I just never thought of it that way.)

I even considered, very briefly mind you, about talking about something as boring and trivial as the exceptionally warm weather we have been experiencing.  We actually opened our bedroom window last night, because our room was so warm.

But in the end, our dinner conversation about dinner conversations really clinched the deal.

Brooklyn has apparently been having conversations with her friends about what their dinners are like.  One friend said her dad is always talking about politics.  Another said her parents talk about boring stuff and don’t let the kids talk.  And then there’s Brooklyn’s explanation of our family dinners.

Parents: What did you do at school today?
Kids:  We dissected a squid.  It was gross.
Parents:  And speaking of gross…
(conversation continues on gross topics)
Kids:  I stepped in dog poo today.
Parents:  And speaking of poo…
(conversation continues on the topic of poo)

The sad part of this is how true it is.  I have been lamenting lately how frequently our dinner conversation is around bathroom activities, or farting, or what someone learned in health class, or my favorite from today’s dinner, what is a jock strap.

Robb says all the other kids are probably jealous of our dinner conversations.  I guess it’s something, since they certainly won’t be jealous of our actual dinners, which have been woefully inadequate of late.

We generally finish up our dinners by congratulating ourselves on how awesome we are, and how fun we are, and we give some anecdotal evidence of how many people love and adore us.  It makes us feel good.

So if you ever find yourself in need of a self esteem boost and a conversation about farting, come on over for dinner.  The food will leave you wanting, but the conversation will not disappoint!


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