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My Face Hurts {It’s Killing Me!} February 16, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 4:48 pm

It’s been an eventful long weekend for the kids.

black-and-white-bark (2 of 1)There was no school on Friday, so Quinn spent his day on a date, going tubing.  He sent me a text message when he was just a few minutes from home, instructing me that if I was asked, I was to tell the girls that his middle name is “Danger.”  I’ve been telling him for ages that if someone asks what the D in his name stands for, he should tell them it’s Danger.  I mean, let’s face it, no one is going to guess his name is Delwyn.

It happened, just as predicted, and when I told the girls his name was Danger, they were pretty incredulous.  “WHAT??!!”  It was funny.  He had a great time on his date.  He spends far too little time dating, so I’m hoping this will convince him to have some girls and guys over for a game night sometime soon.

Saturday was a big group outing to Airborne, which is a trampoline place in Draper.  Ryan decided he wanted to go, and marshalled a few friends into joining him, all before mentioning it to me.  He read the website, and determined that Saturdays are a little more expensive, ($12 instead of the normal $10) and that he could make it cheaper for everyone if he could get a group of 10 together.  Apparently, that makes it $8 each.

There were two problems with this.  The first is that he invited a bunch of people before making sure he had someone to drive them all.  And the second is that he didn’t read the website very closely.  The group rate was only for weekdays with a week’s advance notice.  *sigh*  But we scrounged up a ride and a few extra dollars and sent them on their way.

The real problem was they all came home sore and ornery.  Apparently all the boys were injured doing tricks beyond their abilities, and it showed when they returned.  Ryan was hurt especially bad.  He landed head first in a foam pit, and his face bounced up into his knee, and he spent the next 20 minutes sitting on a couch with ice on his face.  He was really sore the rest of the night.  He kept saying, “My face hurts,”  and we would all reply, “It’s killing me.”  At one point, he commented, “I’ve heard that like 5 times today.”

You’d think he would learn.



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