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Where are you? March 8, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 3:02 pm

Although she is only 13, Brooklyn is extremely excited to drive.  She also has no sense of direction or where things are, which makes us extremely nervous.  We told her to start preparing to drive now by noticing where things are and how to get places.

It has not been going well.

The other night, we decided to get a late night dinner, and Robb had Brooklyn navigate us to the local Kneaders at Jordan Landing, which is probably 2 miles from our house.  Jordan Landing is a huge shopping complex, and a place we go very very frequently, so you would think she would know her way around it.

She missed the very first turn we needed to make to get to that shopping area, and it kind of went downhill from there.  In addition to missing turns because she doesn’t know where she is, she is also easily distracted, so when it was time to turn, she was busy talking about this store or that, or whatever she was looking at.  In the end, Robb finally said, “Forget it!” and did the rest of the decision making himself.

Brooklyn is also into swimming right now, and has decided to go to the pool every Saturday.  Yesterday, however, I was without a car, which meant she was without a ride to the pool.  She decided to ride her bike.  Once she got the bike out, found the bike lock, gathered her things, and was ready to be on her way, she asked me, “How do I get there?”

Which caused me to close my eyes, shake my head, and experience a great deal of stress.

Once again, the pool is right by the high school.  It is a place we visit very very frequently.  It is maybe 1.5 miles from our house, and requires just ONE TURN to get there.

So I went over the riding directions with her, in great detail, about 3 times.  Then I told her she better call me when she gets there, so I know she made it okay.  Being a 13 year old girl, she naturally completely ignored these instructions, and had a great time at the pool, while I spent my afternoon worrying about her.

When Ryan finally returned with the car, and wanted to immediately leave again, I told him I might need the car to go search for Brooklyn.  Because if she didn’t make it to the pool, she could literally be anywhere, even a landmark or recognizable place, and be totally lost.

On the bright side, she returned rather soon after that, having had a great time at the pool, and not having gotten lost.

Three more years of these experiences, and she might be ready to drive.


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