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Gainful Employment April 12, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 7:38 pm

During our 19 years of marriage, I have never had an actual job. I’ve taught piano, helped run the family lawn business, and grown my own food blog from nothing to the masterpiece *cough cough* you see before you now.  But I’ve never had a job which required me to leave the house, fill out a W4, and collect a regular paycheck. I count myself fortunate.

However, the growing children come with growing expenses, and with missions and college on the horizon, I was starting to feel quite nervous about our future financial position. I told Robb I thought I should get a job, and while he is definitely reticent about my not being home with the kids, he has been super supportive of my desire to have a career. I told him that at 40 years old, I didn’t really want to start my working life with a minimum wage job, but with my extremely empty work history, I wasn’t sure what I could find.

Robb pointed out some of the things I have learned through my last 3-4 years blogging, and he suggested quite strongly that there would be several businesses out there that would consider hiring me to do manage their blogs, their social media, etc. That thought really piqued my interest, and I immediately went searching for such an employer.

I felt very nervous and apprehensive while creating my resume, but I sucked it up and sent it out to 5 or 6 companies, and went on a couple interviews. Things really seemed to fall into place after that. My first choice job called and offered me a position, at a salary higher than I expected. Ryan got his car that same week, and is now able to take over the afternoon carpool duties. Brooklyn has a new after school activity that makes it so she can’t ride the bus (she is helping out the track team), but a neighbor offered to bring her home every day, since she is out there anyway. Robb has started working from home occasionally, and can take care of a few of the things that will be tough for me. And my new job has hours that are light and flexible. All in all, it is the best possible situation for the family. I am thrilled.


So I’m proud to announce that I am now working as the Director of Digital Content at Be Locally, and online marketing company. I manage several contract writers and editors, and the blog posts and articles for dozens and dozens of small businesses.

This will certainly be a big adjustment for the family. They have been kind of apprehensive about me having a job, and not being there when they might need me, but they have also been very supportive and understand the position we are in. I’m hoping this will work out for the best for everyone!


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