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I’m Kind of a Big Deal April 12, 2015

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 1:29 pm

Water polo season started this week, and Quinn warned us what the first game would be like by telling us that he is “kind of a big deal.”  If by that, he meant he is a top player on the team, then he was saying it sarcastically, because he is still second string.  If he meant he has improved by leaps and bounds, he was speaking truthfully.  I could hardly recognize my once timid son in the pool.  He was certainly playing like he was a big deal.

In all fairness, he is still far too sweet a soul to be playing water polo.  I feel weird giving him advice that basically sounds like, pretend you are at war and kill some people.  But it’s basically the advice I’ve been giving him at karate for a decade now, so it’s nothing new, I guess.


This photo, by the way, is terrible, I know.  But it was the least terrible of all the terrible shots I took, so this is what you get.  I tried to get his friends to come watch a game, but they shuddered at the thought of seeing Quinn in a speedo and those weird caps they wear.  I’m sure Quinn is going to love that I have posted it here.

I had to include this picture of him tilling, too, just because it warms my heart to remember him doing this kind of work.  Worst mom ever, I know.

Ryan is in California this week, going to his choir tour.  They took an all-night charter bus ride to Anaheim, where they are staying about a block or two from Disneyland.  They also visited Six Flags and the beach.  He sent me a couple photos from beach day.


My text conversations with him have been frustratingly low on information.  Typical boy stuff, I guess.  Here’s an example:

Me: How’s it going?
Ryan: Fine
Me: What are you doing? Can you send me a fun selfie? Do you have time to talk later?
Ryan: I’m on the bus.

And then he never answers the remaining questions.  *sigh*  After asking three times, he finally sent me these beach photos, and he told me he has been taking a lot of pictures on his phone, so I guess there is the promise of seeing them later.


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