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The One Where the Car Insurance Costs More than the Car March 26, 2016

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 3:59 pm

We bought a new car this week.

And by “new,” of course I mean, 13 years old with 140k miles on it. But in far better condition than the old Nissan.

Don’t get me wrong, the old Nissan has served the measure of its creation, and done it well. We bought that little Nissan from uncle ElRay for $700 some years ago, and well, it looks like a $700 truck. It’s rusty. The starter doesn’t work. The windshield wipers are broken. It has no power steering. The speedometer is eternally stuck at 0, and the odometer has read 165,000 for years now.

But Quinn is happy to inherit it.


We had been searching for a new truck for Robb for some time. It’s tough to find something that is between the $700 variety that we have now, and the $12,000 variety which is really more than we wanted to spend.

Our neighbor had a FOR SALE sign in the window of his green Ranger, and we decided to talk to him about it. A couple days later, the truck was ours. Robb is excited to drive it, but there is just one problem…

One substantial problem…

The cost of the car insurance.  We already thought our $340/month insurance bill was outrageously high, but adding one more vehicle means we now have 4 cars and 4 drivers, 2 of whom are teeneage boys. And when you have 4 cars and 4 drivers, every driver gets listed as a primary on one of the cars. Which is particularly expensive with teenage boys. Especially when one of those boys has a speeding ticket.  (*cough* Ryan *cough*)

When I told Robb that the new car insurance monthly bill would be close to $500, he lamented that, over a year, it would cost almost as much as the car itself. Which is ridiculously expensive.

I asked the insurance guy about it, and he suggested that if we could convince one of the boys to go on a mission or go to college, our insurance costs would decrease dramatically.  Which sort of made me want to scream, “WHAT DO YOU THINK WE HAVE BEEN DOING?!!” because convincing those two to implement a life plan is getting a little frustrating.

And so, until we decide on the cheapest car insurance option, this new baby will be staying in the driveway.

People always told me that teenagers are far more expensive than babies, and I guess I didn’t really appreciate the fact until now. Between the car insurance and Quinn’s upcoming graduation, we’re feeling the sting.

We just keep saying… It’s lucky they’re so cute!



To Brooklyn: It’s imperative we find an appropriate name for the Ranger. Immediately.
To Quinn: He gets to start driving the Nissan, so INDEPENDENCE!!!!! He can barely contain himself.
To Ryan: Maybe he’ll have fewer chauffeuring duties now.
To Robb: He finally doesn’t have to be embarrassed of what he is driving. Also, his knees fit in this truck.
To Jen: Robb is a hard man to take care of. Finding this truck and convincing Robb to buy it basically makes me an awesome wife.


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