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Pimp Quinn D. March 15, 2015

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A few weeks ago, Quinn attended a murder mystery party with some friends.  In these parties, each person plays a character, and the characters try to figure out who done it, so to speak.  There was a girl at the party who Quinn had never met.  Her character was a prostitute, and she really got into her role, even bringing prostitute business cards with her to the party to hand out.

Which is how Quinn got her phone number.

Quinn decided he needed to ask her to Prom, and although he had a plan involving a puzzle and some balloons, Robb and I talked him into doing something much more poetic.

I was going to say more appropriate, but let’s face it, there’s nothing appropriate about this.


Robb and Quinn had a really good time making this card, which he had a friend pass to her.  After we looked at it, we decided we might be the worst parents ever.

He’s still waiting for an answer from her.  If she says yes, I guess they could be the most inappropriate couple at the Prom!


Where are you? March 8, 2015

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Although she is only 13, Brooklyn is extremely excited to drive.  She also has no sense of direction or where things are, which makes us extremely nervous.  We told her to start preparing to drive now by noticing where things are and how to get places.

It has not been going well.

The other night, we decided to get a late night dinner, and Robb had Brooklyn navigate us to the local Kneaders at Jordan Landing, which is probably 2 miles from our house.  Jordan Landing is a huge shopping complex, and a place we go very very frequently, so you would think she would know her way around it.

She missed the very first turn we needed to make to get to that shopping area, and it kind of went downhill from there.  In addition to missing turns because she doesn’t know where she is, she is also easily distracted, so when it was time to turn, she was busy talking about this store or that, or whatever she was looking at.  In the end, Robb finally said, “Forget it!” and did the rest of the decision making himself.

Brooklyn is also into swimming right now, and has decided to go to the pool every Saturday.  Yesterday, however, I was without a car, which meant she was without a ride to the pool.  She decided to ride her bike.  Once she got the bike out, found the bike lock, gathered her things, and was ready to be on her way, she asked me, “How do I get there?”

Which caused me to close my eyes, shake my head, and experience a great deal of stress.

Once again, the pool is right by the high school.  It is a place we visit very very frequently.  It is maybe 1.5 miles from our house, and requires just ONE TURN to get there.

So I went over the riding directions with her, in great detail, about 3 times.  Then I told her she better call me when she gets there, so I know she made it okay.  Being a 13 year old girl, she naturally completely ignored these instructions, and had a great time at the pool, while I spent my afternoon worrying about her.

When Ryan finally returned with the car, and wanted to immediately leave again, I told him I might need the car to go search for Brooklyn.  Because if she didn’t make it to the pool, she could literally be anywhere, even a landmark or recognizable place, and be totally lost.

On the bright side, she returned rather soon after that, having had a great time at the pool, and not having gotten lost.

Three more years of these experiences, and she might be ready to drive.


It’s All About Family March 1, 2015

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Between Robb spending a few days out of town, and Ryan spending more time with his friends, and Brooklyn spending time at the school play (she’s in the stage crew) I have felt like were were being torn 5 different directions this week.

Stott-family-march-2015 (1 of 1)

I decided we needed a little family photo, so I could guarantee we would spend at least 5 minutes together.  I figure when I look at the picture in the future, I’ll pretend we spent the whole day having fun together.

Okay, it’s a terrible photo.  I know that.  This is what happens when I procrastinate getting professional photos done.  At least my parents will finally have a photo of us to put in the cool family tree photo holder than Dan gave them for Christmas more than a year ago.

Best. Daughter. Ever.


Getting a Black Belt is Like Pregnancy February 22, 2015

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Is it wrong for me to find a trip to the emergency room just annoying as all get out?  I feel a little guilty about it.  Perhaps I should be more worried about my poor injured son and less worried about how many doctors we actually need to see and how expensive it will all be.

In my last post, I told you all the tale of Ryan’s face injury.  Today will be the post script to that story.

After the long weekend, I decided we had better get it checked out, and I took Ryan to the pediatrician.  {Side note: I realized that this will probably be his last trip to the pediatrician before his age forces him to seek different medical help.  Gulp.}  The pediatrician told us his own horror story about having a very similar injury, and then he directed us to get a CT scan.

So the next morning, I kept Ryan home from school and took him to get the scan.  I dropped him back at school during his lunch break, and headed off to a friend’s house.  From my experience, I honestly expected not to hear anything about the results of the scan until late in the day.  But before I could make it to the friends house, the doctor’s office called with results.

Drum roll……     Orbital fracture.  A pretty serious one.  The radiologist apparently thought Ryan had been in an ATV accident, judging by the type of fracture it was.  He was surprised that he had been walking around all weekend and not in the ER already, and surmised that he must be a “tough kid.”

Well, he got that part right.  When I told Ryan about this, he heartily agreed.  “I AM a tough kid.”

The nurse went on to say that Ryan was going to need to see an opthamologist, an ENT, and a plastic surgeon.  I’m not going to lie, the words “plastic surgeon” freaked me out a bit.  She said there was no way to coordinate all these doctors on an outpatient basis, and that we would need to go to the ER immediately.  And not just any ER, they want us at Primary Children’s Hospital, which is a good 45 minute drive, past at least 3 other hospitals.


So I went back to the high school and collected Ryan, and we headed to the ER, where we scored the last parking space in the garage, and where the resident that saw us seemed pretty unconcerned.  He did agree that it was a pretty bad break, and got the ENT to come take a look.  The ENT told us that…

1. Ryan had nerve damage to the middle of his face, (half his nose and upper lip are numb) and…
2. There is nothing they can do about it.  In fact, it may take months or years to heal, or may even be permanent.


Both doctors agreed that Ryan’s eyes were fine, and there was no need for him to see an opthamologist or a plastic surgeon.  There is what they call a tripod fracture around his right eye, and yes, it is displaced.  But, guess what?  They can’t do anything about that either.  You just have to let it heal on it’s own.

In fact, the only question I asked that elicited much excitement or remotely useful advice from the staff at the ER was about Ryan’s karate classes.  They advised some solutions that were both ridiculous and expensive, of course.

I left the hospital feeling like I just spent half my day getting a really expensive consult with an ENT resident.  Grrr.

I followed up this fun little foray with a visit to the karate school, where I spoke with the teacher and advised him that no one was to touch Ryan anywhere near his face.  (I mean really, the last thing he needs is for someone to push a piece of that fractured bone into his eye.)  This led the teacher to not only remove him from sparring for 6 weeks, but also remove him from any partner work where a person might even pretend to hit him in the face.  This made me very happy, and made Ryan extremely annoyed.

To be fair, he is getting really close to that black belt, and the teacher at the advanced class has been pushing him really hard.  Ryan’s comment about all of this?  “Getting a black belt is like pregnancy, Mom.  Every week counts.”

It was not a phrase I had ever expected to hear Ryan speak, but he was right.  Every week he gets better and better, and if he is to reach his goal, he really needs to make substantial progress each and every week.  When I spoke with the teacher of the advanced class, he informed me that as recent as a few months ago, they didn’t think there was any way Ryan and Quinn would make it to black belt.  But now, they are looking like black belt material.  {I thought to myself… “That’s, umm… honest.”  I never had any doubts, myself.}

The real bright spot in the day was when Grandma and Grandpa came over with a treat, and took a picture of him for the Roper Famiy “Black Cloud Award.”  He got some ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Which made Brooklyn contemplate breaking her leg again.  *sigh*  They never learn.


My Face Hurts {It’s Killing Me!} February 16, 2015

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It’s been an eventful long weekend for the kids.

black-and-white-bark (2 of 1)There was no school on Friday, so Quinn spent his day on a date, going tubing.  He sent me a text message when he was just a few minutes from home, instructing me that if I was asked, I was to tell the girls that his middle name is “Danger.”  I’ve been telling him for ages that if someone asks what the D in his name stands for, he should tell them it’s Danger.  I mean, let’s face it, no one is going to guess his name is Delwyn.

It happened, just as predicted, and when I told the girls his name was Danger, they were pretty incredulous.  “WHAT??!!”  It was funny.  He had a great time on his date.  He spends far too little time dating, so I’m hoping this will convince him to have some girls and guys over for a game night sometime soon.

Saturday was a big group outing to Airborne, which is a trampoline place in Draper.  Ryan decided he wanted to go, and marshalled a few friends into joining him, all before mentioning it to me.  He read the website, and determined that Saturdays are a little more expensive, ($12 instead of the normal $10) and that he could make it cheaper for everyone if he could get a group of 10 together.  Apparently, that makes it $8 each.

There were two problems with this.  The first is that he invited a bunch of people before making sure he had someone to drive them all.  And the second is that he didn’t read the website very closely.  The group rate was only for weekdays with a week’s advance notice.  *sigh*  But we scrounged up a ride and a few extra dollars and sent them on their way.

The real problem was they all came home sore and ornery.  Apparently all the boys were injured doing tricks beyond their abilities, and it showed when they returned.  Ryan was hurt especially bad.  He landed head first in a foam pit, and his face bounced up into his knee, and he spent the next 20 minutes sitting on a couch with ice on his face.  He was really sore the rest of the night.  He kept saying, “My face hurts,”  and we would all reply, “It’s killing me.”  At one point, he commented, “I’ve heard that like 5 times today.”

You’d think he would learn.



My Dinner Conversation is Different Than Yours February 8, 2015

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I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think what I would blog about today.

I considered talking about Quinn shaving his legs for swim.  I actually meant to blog about this a couple weeks ago, but I never got a good picture, so I procrastinated it.

Q: I cut my thumb while shaving my legs.
Me: That is wrong on so many levels.
Robb: How did you cut your thumb exactly?
Q: Well, the razor got all clogged with hair, so I ran my thumb across it to clean it off.
Me: You’ve never had a razor clogged with hair before, have you?

I thought about telling the story of Ryan getting stuck in the elevator at the tech school after spending his night making and serving salsa for the open house.  Or the story of him leaving his stuff on the bus one day while he ran back into the tech school to use the bathroom, and then finding that the bus left without him.  That was a fun day for us all.

Then I considered sharing my favorite kid quote of the week.  On our way home from watching “Mockingjay” with the kids, Brooklyn commented, “I should start recording everything I do.  You never know when you’re going to make a music video.”  (I guess I just never thought of it that way.)

I even considered, very briefly mind you, about talking about something as boring and trivial as the exceptionally warm weather we have been experiencing.  We actually opened our bedroom window last night, because our room was so warm.

But in the end, our dinner conversation about dinner conversations really clinched the deal.

Brooklyn has apparently been having conversations with her friends about what their dinners are like.  One friend said her dad is always talking about politics.  Another said her parents talk about boring stuff and don’t let the kids talk.  And then there’s Brooklyn’s explanation of our family dinners.

Parents: What did you do at school today?
Kids:  We dissected a squid.  It was gross.
Parents:  And speaking of gross…
(conversation continues on gross topics)
Kids:  I stepped in dog poo today.
Parents:  And speaking of poo…
(conversation continues on the topic of poo)

The sad part of this is how true it is.  I have been lamenting lately how frequently our dinner conversation is around bathroom activities, or farting, or what someone learned in health class, or my favorite from today’s dinner, what is a jock strap.

Robb says all the other kids are probably jealous of our dinner conversations.  I guess it’s something, since they certainly won’t be jealous of our actual dinners, which have been woefully inadequate of late.

We generally finish up our dinners by congratulating ourselves on how awesome we are, and how fun we are, and we give some anecdotal evidence of how many people love and adore us.  It makes us feel good.

So if you ever find yourself in need of a self esteem boost and a conversation about farting, come on over for dinner.  The food will leave you wanting, but the conversation will not disappoint!


Plan A January 26, 2015

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I recently had a conversation with Quinn between events at a swim meet that really has me reeling.

Quinn swam 4 events at this particular meet, which is more than his usual 2 or 3.  On top of that, he swam the 500 Free, which is the longest event (it took him just less than 7 minutes to complete it) and probably the most tiring.  The poor kid was exhausted.  He told me that the reason he swam this event is that it was the only event he had never done, and there was no time on file for him.  It’s as good a reason as any, I guess.

This led to a conversation about his swimming goals for next year, and he told me he had plans to talk to the coach about this.  Which I whole-heartedly approve of.  And this led to a discussion of what he should do during the summer to prepare for his senior year swim season.  And this led to a discussion about weight lifting, which led to me wondering whether the local gym would allow him to be a member, which led to me saying the words, “You’ll be 17 in June.”


Which brings up feelings that are not altogether pleasant, if you know what I’m saying.

While I tried frantically to play the whole incident down, (let’s pretend this never happened!) Quinn replied by saying, “Think about THIS Mom!”  And he proceeded to tell me his plans for after high school.

PLAN A:  Get a swim scholarship.  I don’t really know the particulars about this, but I have a feeling these are not easy to come by.  Many colleges and universities don’t even have swim teams.

PLAN B: Start a business and use the money to pay for college.  (To which plan I found myself beaming with pride.)

PLAN C:  Join the Navy.

This last plan took me by surprise.  I had never heard him mention the Navy before.  It turns out, he had talked to a Navy recruiter at the high school that same day, so the info was fresh in his head.

He also told me he wants to serve a mission right after high school.  He thinks this will really help him prepare for the rest of his life, and I certainly cannot argue with that.

I don’t know which path he’ll end up taking, but I was so proud and relieved to know that he actually has a plan!  Good job, kid.