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Q Comics September 2, 2009

Series 1, Issue 1: Escape

1.1  Escape

1.1 Escape

Series 1, Issue 2: The Chase

1.2  The Chase

1.2 The Chase

Series 1, Issue 3:  The Death

1.3  The Death

1.3 The Death


3 Responses to “Q Comics”

  1. Mom Says:

    Wow. I’m exhausted just reading the exploits. Chain saws, grenades, leaps to the death, yikes! He must really play a lot of video games.

  2. emra Says:

    this is the longest chase scene EVER – except for all the James Bond movies…do i smell a future in film?
    i absolutely LOVE this comic on so many levels – personal favorite picture: minions being blown to pieces by grenade. absolutely INCREDIBLE! tell him that if he stops making these, i’ll be totally upset, this is absolutely amazing!

  3. Aunt Francie Says:

    What an amazing imagination! Quinn has a future in comic writing!!! It is hard to say which part is my favorite. I do like when Q and AE jump and slam into each other simultaneously!

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